Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Mamalitia

So here I am again, back to blogging.

I have a bunch of pictures to share from the Mamalitia Fundraiser. Unfortunately, there is not much to say. Good thing a picture is worth a thousand words!

The first pictures are from - so thanks to Rafal for showing up and taking them!

Another unfortunate thing is that they were there before the majority of the crowd was there, and then when the crowd was there, I was too distracted to take pictures, so I didn't get my camera out until later.... Then my camera got hijacked, and absurdity ensued.... Enjoy.

So first up are Maj, Hen, and Josh, having what I am sure is a pretty damn ridiculous conversation.

Next we have me, laughing and feeling awkward, as I don't really see a need for a picture of just me!

Here's a big group of the Mamalitia. I don't know the two girls to the left of Dustin, but we have Hen, the unknown girls, Josh, Dustin, Maj, me and then Streetz, of course!

And here's Nate! Love him! Note the pink hair!

Next pic with Vitucci is hilarity. Whaaaaaat?

LL and Maj. Aww. I love you ladies!

Next we have two of my best friends in the world - Danielle and Cari!

This is what goes on behind the scenes at!

And here, Lynch is telling us something incredibly fascinating. He has our undivided attention, just as if we were his students!

And here's an awesome group of people! I love you!

Teammate pic!

Next we have a few fantastic hockey players!

And a few more...!

Still more!

Alleged and John the Barback working the door!

Here's Hen at work, recording people's comments for Mamalicious!

I had to go say hi to Alleged!

Had to get a group shot of the ladies! From the left to the right, we have Sensual Amber, Erin, LL, Cari, me, Nicole, and Danielle.

Something really cool is about to happen!

See? I told you!

I love it when he does tricks!

Lisa stopped by! Yay!

Teammates again!

Hahahahaha, look at LL's face!

This is a little better!

Danielle and Paul.... Awww!

I don't even know what is taking place in the next one!

Take two is a little better!


This isn't even the whole Mamalitia! It's a lot of us, though!

And it is at this point that my camera got hijacked....

We need more pictures of people drinking...

Maj and JJ! So cute!

And here we have Malcolm and LL. Doesn't it look like a prom picture?

This is a really attractive picture of Malcolm!

I'm really enjoying the angles of these pictures.

Haha, she looks so polite!

Self-portrait LL?

You had to see this coming a mile away!

Look! Streetz got pink shoes just for the occasion!

Paul looks like he has an evil plan.


Haha, putting our heads together... Scary!

These two are the men behind it all!

A success, don't you think?

All in all, it was a definite success. Thank you so much to everyone involved!!!!
Love you!

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