Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Team Mamalicious Fundraiser!

Once again, since it has been such a long time, this blog is going to be quite random. Hopefully, it will also be quite enjoyable.

Remember when I was bragging about my friends being awesome?

Well, it has been taken to a higher level!

Tonight at Decibel, there will be quite the event!

Unbeknownst to me, a bunch of my friends at Decibel organized a fundraiser party! The kindness they're showing just astounds me. Everyone is so caring and generous, and it just makes me happy in my heart!

I was sitting at home, and someone who doesn't want to be identified and doesn't want any credit said to me, "You know that everyone loves you, right?"

And I said, "Ok...."

And then he opened his laptop, and this is what I saw:


Here are the contributions so far, in random order.... I hope I don't forget any. There are so many!

*Many of the bartenders, cocktail hostesses, and security at Decibel are going to work for free tonight, and donate all of their tips.
*Several djs will be coming, all donating their time. It was going to be White Shadow, but he had an unavoidable trip to LA, so instead DJ Streetz (The man whose shoes I'm always wearing! See older blogs and below!) will be coming up to Milwaukee from the Chi and donating his time and talents!
* has donated webspace (the event's on the front page!), and plans on covering the event. will also be covering the event.
*Effen Vodka donated a case of their Black Cherry vodka, which I am told is made from "Hugs and Magic." Sounds good to me!
*Pearl Vodka donated $250 and is having the Pearl girls there to give out free samples.
*Milwaukee Sporting Goods donated 40 Mamalitia tshirts, as well as screenprinting for the shirts.
*Rich (the dj from Cush whose watch I acquired) of Architext designs donated his graphic design work.
*Hen (he was on the wifebeater bar crawl) is donating his video recording services.
*Some members from HYPErformance Dance crew are performing.
*People are volunteering to go around and hand out flyers, too!

I mean, seriously? How awesome are all of these people? I am so lucky!

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